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Room, Kitchenette, Shower and WC

This is a great starter unit for self-contained living. It has everything you will need and can be joined to the Wade unit for future expansion. Comes standard with 4 power points, 4 lights and hot water. Talk to your local Cabins to go dealer today for a full breakdown of accessories included with this cabin. Contact us here for Lower North Island Sales, or Contact us here for Upper North Island Sales.


  • Priced from:

    Priced from $38,750 subject to choice of  features, design, and clading options. Trailer and furniture additional options as well as deck sizes and design.

  • Dimensions:
    6 metres long by 2.4 metres wide.
    Alternative sizes:
    6 x 2.7
    6 x 3.0

    Plan is indicative only.
  • Notes: Room, Kitchenette, Shower and WC

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