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Is there a delivery fee and bond?

In order to cover our transport and setup costs we do charge a delivery fee depending on your location - please call us for more specific details regarding delivery costs and bond - we are very compeditive with these fees.

Moving house or adding an extension to your existing home can be very costly and frustrating, especially when you know you won't always need the extra room! - so why not just rent that extra space for the time that you need it for....

We are the professionals when it comes to cabin rentals in New Zealand. 

Cabins to Rent - Manawatu  covers all of the Manawatu area as well as Taranaki and the lower North Island for Cabin Rentals and Sales.

Spare room - Sleep out - Office - Storage - Long term Rental Accommodation

Our cabins are made from the highest quality New Zealand materials, they are fully insulated, and come standard with internal power points, curtains, carpet,  lighting and decking. We take pride in suplying you with the most stylish, comfortable, and the most professional quality built cabins for rent or for sale in New Zealand.

Call or email us now to rent or purchase - PH: 0800-777-088 or Ph: Dean on 027 2830 930