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Extra Large Sleepout - $99.00 PW

Extra Large Sleepout - $99.00 PW


This is our 4.8 X 2.4 metre Extra Large Sleep-Out. It is our largest long-term rental cabin. It features three internal double power point connections - ceiling, wall, and underfloor insulation - It also comes standard with carpets, curtains, deck and steps. It is availible for long term rental. Please enquire on toll free 0800-777-088 or Ph. Dean on 027 2830 930.

This Cabin will easily accommodate a queen size bed as well as standard bedroom furniture.


  • Dimensions: 4.8m x 2.4m
  • Features: Internal lighting - Deck - Insulation - External power
  • Rental duration: Long term
  • Price per Week: $99.00 per week including GST

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